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    The Ocean. Astounding, mysterious, the last unexplored terrain on earth. Filled with a treasure trove of sea creatures, infinite and varied in their forms. At Virji International LLC, we've chosen from among the most marvelous shells of these creatures to create a strikingly beautiful and varied seashell collection.
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    Perfect Seashells gift items
    We offer a wide variety of Seashells gift items such as key chains, jewelry boxes,decorations,and more. All natural sea shells, shells products.

    Complete line of Natural Sea Shell Jewelry We offer a wide selection of Shell Necklaces, Shell Pendants, Shell Beads, Shell Earrings,and Shell Bracelets.
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    Wooden Undercut Elephants
    Produt ID F-1201
    3 Pcs Price: $9
    Assorted Carved Wood Incense Burner 5"
    Incense Burner
    Produt ID F-001
    20 Pcs Price: $70
    Assorted Foiled Glass Beads (Approx 82Pcs)
    Foil Beads
    Produt ID BD-61
    1 KG Price: $15
    Wooden Boxes
    Wooden Boxes
    Produt ID F-1207
    1 DZ Price: $54
    Turquoise Green Glass Float 3 "
    Turquoise Green
    Produt ID F-458
    1 DZ Price: $24
    Bamboo Flutes 12”
    Bamboo Flutes
    Produt ID F-103
    1 DZ Price: $9
    Assorted Sizes Hematite Round Rings 6mm
    Hematite Round
    Product ID R-43A
    100 Pcs Price: $25
    8" Wooden Snake Stand
    Snake Stand 8"
    Produt ID F-517
    1 Pc Price: $8
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